Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tragedy in the apartment

This is a tale sad to tell. It's a tragic fate of the roll-of-the-dice tale. With the green, yellow, and red monopoly gotlet, one would think that I had nothing to lose, but I was wrong, sorrowfully wrong. Criag, the proud owner of the whimpy purple monopoly and light blue monopoly, and the boardwalk monopoly. Now, with all the houses and hotels being utilized, one would think that if I were going to go out, it would be from landing on boardwalk, but no, it was a tragic tale of the Baltic property and ventor property! Not only would I land on those two every single time, but Craig would land on free parking every time, and somehow skip joyfully through all three of my monopolies! Eventually we no longer had any money in the bank to collect after passing Go. In the end I was praying to land on the "Go to Jail" spot, but to no avail, I became a victum to the $450 on Baltic every time I passed. NOT FAIR! Craig rigged the dice! I know it!

Monday, July 6, 2009

What a Week!

This last week was a busy one, but fun. So fun that we all crashed Sunday afternoon! Debbie came to see us for the week while she scouted at some games in Aurora. It was great to have her here and we did a lot of fun things. We went to the zoo here, where I was flipped off my their gorilla, and then to Mr. Biggs where we went bowling. It was great! I encourage all of you to come and see us! We'll play and make memories! This weekend Craig and I went with our friends Tyler and Kara to Denver to celebrate the fourth of July. Hyrum pretty much missed the whole trip, but I'm sure he had fun sleeping through six flags, bowling, and the fireworks!

And for your viewing pleasure...