Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Certificates, Curtains, and Glasses!

I've decided that starting another blog post by apologizing isn't the most creative way to start a post, so I'll just say that there are some great developments happening at the McKinney home.

Hyrum is learning so much, it seems like he was just born yesterday! It's so exciting to watch him grow and learn, but with each exciting milestone, there's a touch of sadness for the months that have slipped through my fingers. Hyrum is one squirmy kid. He loves to roll around and move. He's getting good at straightening out so I can't put him in his car seat. It's funny, I eventually win that game and we go places together. He's started this little high pitched whine that's pretty adorable, but I still attribute the whine to Craig's side. Craig is way whiny. The latest development is that Hyrum is drinking from a bottle! This is a good thing, so at least there's a back up, if I'm unable to feed him myself or if he get's hungry while he's baby sat. It definitely will put me a little at ease if I would need to leave him for a few hours. Anyway, Hyrum is getting bigger, cuter, and more popular. Everyone in the institute is getting to know Hyrum, since I'm over there for a class every day.

I've been up to a lot of things. It's nice to be busy. I've mastered how to make lasagna and Craig LOVES it! That makes me feel good. It's not too hard to please Craig with food, the trick is if I actually like it too. I've also been working on some curtains for our family room. They're almost finished and I'll have to post a picture of them when I'm done. I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm no pro, but I'm not embarrassed by them either. I'm also going to try and get a certification for Water Aerobics teaching by the end of October. I think it's kind of lame that a BS in exercise science isn't good enough for people, but you have to play by there rules if you want a job. What bothers me the most is that they would hire someone without a bachelor's degree that has a certification over one with a BS and experience. What did I go to college for anyway? Oh well, I am glad that I got an education for sure, but little things like that bug me. So alas, I'm forking out the money to get certified. At least my resume will have really cool things on it!

Craig is getting adjusted to the school life now. He's so busy. I love Fridays because We go to the devotional together, then we have a institute class together, and then we go home for lunch before he heads out to work. He's getting sales again which is great. He's just been busy training new recruits and everything. He sure wishes people would be a little nicer to sales guys, but oh well. He got glasses today, and he looks awesome! He has blue frames, and I like them a lot, he's HOT!

That's what's new! we're doing good and we love life, especially when it involves our son's cute laughs on the changing table!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life is good.

It has been a while since I've posted anything, but we've been really busy moving and getting set up with school and such. It's been a pretty eventful month to say the least. We're moved into a condo now, and it's nice to have things in order finally. I have a nice area for my sewing machine that I'm really excited about. I just need some more fabric. I wish I had a collection of fabric like my mom. That would be nice. Fabric gets pretty spendy sometimes. I made a pretty skirt for Julie's (Criag's sister) wedding, that turned out ok. It's a little tight around my waist but good enough to wear in public. Criag's set with school now. He's staking all of his cabinetry classes, an art history class, and an english class. He's got a lot of papers to write this semester and I think it's pretty demanding for him. Luckily he has a wife who will help with his research and things. He's also looking for a project for his cabinetry class. We're not doing Becky and Robert's entertainment center this semester anymore, so he's open to anyone else who needs some work done as far as that goes. Craig is a busy man. He's been setting up Big Dog Satellite in Utah. He's been promoted to manager and he's been recruiting, interviewing, training, and selling his Dish Network and such. We're putting out a lot of signs around Utah County so keep your eyes open, you might see one!

As for me, I'm taking a couple of institute classes to have a reason to get up with Craig in the mornig. I really like them, and I'm also practicing the piano and playing hymns for my class. It's going pretty well. Thank goodness for simplified version hymn books! I've also been looking around for a little job to keep me busy. I'm hoping to get a job at the dance studio next door to our place. They said that they want to start up a singing and dancing program for the fall, so they'll get back to me. I'll have to check up on that so they don't forget about me. I also am wanting to get certified with AFFA and AEA to teach land and water aerobic classes. I also tried out for Savior of the World. So as soon as all the auditions are over, I'll hopefully get called back to read the part of either the virgin Mary or Mary Magdalene. We'll see. I felt like I had a good audition.

That's the big news and update I guess. Other than that, Craig and I are still in love and happy together. Hyrum is such a good baby, and we're so happy he's a part of our little family. I'm glad I'm a mother and I am ok looking after him all day. He makes me so happy! Life is happy amongst the stresses and worries that happen in the world. We're just glad we found one another and we can go through life together. Life is good.