Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pointe, Voice, Beds, and Skirts!

It's been a very eventful and exciting start of the new year for the McKinneys. Hyrum has his first bottom two teeth in now, and is even more into things than ever. He makes it fun for Mommy. It's actually really considerate of him to have me in mind when he does random things to keep my life from the boring monotonous routines of baby care. Why just last month he decided to spice up my life by falling down the stairs. Now isn't that sweet of him?

Craig is really happy to be starting this semester. He says it's better than last semester since he has all cabinetry classes now. The big project this year is a four post bed! We decided to keep it since it's his senior project. It's going to be made from Cherry wood and will have a nice dark reddish finish. It's going to be really nice. After this semester is over, he'll be through with the cabinetry program and can hopefully get a job in that field for the summer, along with working at Maceys. He keeps himself really busy with school and work. We still find time together and we have a lot of fun on dates to liquidation stores, and other random places that don't cost money to visit!

I've been having a great time with my ballet classes, I've been working really hard to develop my ankle strength and increasing my arch. I feel like I'm getting better, so it's really encouraging. It makes me so happy to have something to work towards. I just love dancing! I got started sewing costumes for the Ballet Academy so I can pay for all the classes, so that makes it even better! I've been sewing like a mad woman and I've been learning a TON! I'm quite the pro at Romantic Style tutu skirts! The Owner of the studio is letting me teach a modern dance master class in February. She said if the girls like me then I can teach some more classes! I hope they like me! I'm teaching voice lessons too! It's going pretty well. I only have one student now, but I think I'll take on a few more the better I get at it. It's fun to see someone figure something out and sound so much better! I live for that "Ah ha" moment in a student! Anyway, I've been keeping myself really busy and I'm loving it. I'm so grateful that the Lord has provided a way for me to continue to use and develop my talents as a mom. I know that I will have more opportunities to serve as I develop my talents. It's a wonderful thing.

Love you all! Enjoy the slide show. There's just some pictures of the past couple months. I hope some of these pictures don't come back to haunt my son. Do you think it will? I just couldn't resist the bathtub pictures. He was just so cute! He loves bath time!