Sunday, June 26, 2011

One Year Update

I won't be making any promises that I'll be updating this blog anytime soon because I think I am beginning to let people down. Since I don't have all the time in the world I'll simplify things down to a list.
  • We moved from North Orem to Canyon Terrace in Summer of 2010
  • Craig started his job at US Synthetic
  • We moved to Orem to a horrible 4-plex where Craig's bike was stolen and we had mold in the walls (we call it Felon Cir).
  • I started teaching jazz classes for Academy of Ballet in Springville
  • We bought a house in Spanish Fork and moved in December
  • We bought a Hyundai Santa Fe
  • Hannah Maree was born April 7th 2011
  • Craig is getting surgery on his knee this Tuesday
  • Emily will be performing in Hairspray with the Spanish Fork Community Theater
So that's us up to date. Here's some pictures to make it a little more interesting.

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  1. Emily, I just found your blog, and I think your family is adorable! Your little girl is so cute in these pictures.